OncoResponse identifies elite responders to immunotherapy and rapidly screens the adaptive immune system to discover antibodies with exceptional reactivity. These antibodies address an unmet medical need in patients who are partial or non-responders and expands the promise of immunotherapy.

Mining the Human Memory B Cell Repertoire

OncoResponse is using innovative technologies including a proprietary, clinically validated antibody discovery platform and associated assays with a demonstrated ability to identify therapeutically relevant antibodies from patients with elite response to disease. This platform allows for the rapid screening of tens of thousands of antibodies made by the human immune system to identify those with exceptional reactivity and desired properties. The technology has been validated for the discovery and development of therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) candidates and has successfully delivered a portfolio of clinical stage assets. In collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), OncoResponse is using this platform to interrogate the immune response of Elite Responders in the oncology setting, i.e. cancer patients treated successfully with immunotherapy, in order to identify the anti-tumor antibodies made by these rare patients. MDACC provides access to blinded patient samples and their respective physiologic, genotypic, history and clinical therapy data and lends their oncology and translational medicine expertise including clinical and regulatory input.